Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite! (Now with fixed faces)

Finally, here's the winner of my poll, Darkrai! Other than some minor stretching in his hair, I'd say this one came out extremely well.

Thanks to Mewtwo2000, both Electabuzz and Darkrai have fixed faces.

Battle Portrait and CSP included


  1. Wave Kusanagi11:32 AM

    Wow...Never would've thought it'd work so well. o.o

    Great work Fyre! I'm glad I put that Darkrai remix in Brawl now. XD

  2. Anonymous7:32 PM

    Awesome job, as always. I don't even like Darkrai and was kind of disappointed to see him win, but this actually turned out really well.

  3. Man, I don't even like Darkrai (or any Pokémon of Generation 3 and on), but I'm downloading this. Fits Ganon so well, hehe. Took me some seconds to realized he was the base. XD

  4. Ah. Finally. I'm liking this Darkrai, very creative.

  5. Mewtwo20004:40 AM

    I suppose you're having trouble with the rest of the vertices for Ganon's head. I mean, certain animations enable some vertex sets in the model that should be edited too so you can't notice when they're shown. That's if I'm not wrong, of course ^^U
    Anyway, nice work as always =)

  6. xetan211:47 AM

    Oh, is this just a vertex hack? not a model import?

    Well Either way it's very impressive in my book!

  7. Christian_CAO3:30 PM

    So, Aafyre, have you found out how to fix his closed eye and ouch faces? Not to mention Electabuzz'z as well. StarWaffle's Scyther has the same issue.

    I hope this and the others get fixed eventually :)

  8. I love your titles, lawl.

    I already told you too many times how much I love this hack, but f*ck it, I love this hack.

    Keep up the good work and get your computer fixed man, your slacking.


  9. Anonymous9:55 PM

    Awesome texture. The download doesnt come with the CSP and battle portraits tho.