Don't hurt yourself.

Yay pichu

This pichu was made for the pichu PSA on smashboards, so please download the fighter.pac from here

Anyways, this little guy uses a one slot size mod so he will desync wifi.

his ears can criscros sometimes, and idk why 0.0

and ummm other than that hes pretty dern cute.


  1. thats okay, pichu looks better down here anyways. he breaks up the beyondchain =P

  2. Christian_CAO7:35 AM

    Pichu is so awesome XD

    I was wondering something as well... is there a specific Bone that the ears are animated with? If you could disable it so that way Pichu's ears stop moving all together; that would be great.

    Though it may not seem aesthetically pleasing having static ears, and I hate asking people to edit their already fantastic work... If you know how to do it, perhaps you could tell me how, so I could make an attempt.

  3. wildvine471:33 PM

    Uh, to be honest, this guy is way too glitchy. He sinks into the floor walking/running, a lot of the moves where Pikachu normally spins cause Pichu to stay still. He also sinks into the floor doing anything on the results screen. And if he's grabbed and thrown, he'll get a lot bigger for a few frames.

  4. i got so mad when they took him out of brawl