It was K.Rool to leave this guy out of Brawl!

 Why isn't K. Rool in DKC Returns? Because he's busy kicking gorilla butt in Brawl! I decided to make all three versions of K. Rool from each of the original Donkey Kong Country games.

For this hack I made my first attempt at a one slot size mod. It isn't completely perfect but it plays well enough. I also was able to give him his one bloodshot eye thanks to dingoberriz telling me how.

I included many different K. Rools in this download. Each K. Rool comes with a size modded hexed eyes version, a sized modded regular eyes version, a regular sized hexed eyes version, and a regular sized regular eyes version. More information in the read me that comes with the download.

Credit to marioking64ds for finding the K. Rool textures and dingoberriz for helping me with the eyes.

Battle Portraits and CSPs included


  1. Anonymous11:14 PM

    This is Godly!

  2. Anonymous12:03 AM

    omfg. i'm getting my wii hacked with Brawl+ monday and this is the first thing i'm getting

  3. Anonymous12:06 AM

    i know this sounds noobish, when you say it's one slot, does that mean it's gonna be k rool on every color of DDD?

  4. No, one slot means he's only bigger for that one outfit. All the other Dedede outfits are unaffected.

  5. Anonymous12:24 AM

    oh ok. does that mess with hit boxes by any chance?

  6. Anonymous12:34 AM

    only reason i ask is because we host Brawl+ tournies where i live, and they get anal about things like sephiroth's long sword and other things that might trick people. just trying to see if this would pass the test :D

  7. If you're using him for competitive play, I'd suggest you go with the version with the normal eyes and without the size mod. The hitboxes scale with the size of the character so he plays a bit differently from regular Dedede.

  8. Anonymous12:50 AM

    oh alright. that's actually really good to know. one last question then, what's the difference between the hexed eyes and normal eyes? i'll most likely be downloading the one you suggested i just figured the more i know the better xD

  9. The hexed eyes have one bloodshot eye and one normal eye. The normal eyes have two normal eyes. I've noticed that once in a great while the hexed eyes can cause glitches that cause him to be killed at full health when thrown. It doesn't happen often but if you play competitively, it's better not to risk it.

  10. Anonymous1:40 AM

    oh alright, yeah that makes sense then. i wonder why that happens lol

  11. I love you from the bottom of my heart. You did all the K. Rool costumes from DKC games.... MAN, you and BeyondYou are my Heroes. =D

  12. Anonymous1:53 AM

    excellent hack.

    So what happens when someone uses Dededee's down B?

  13. It's the same as his normal down b actually. With the size mod, the hitbox is higher up so it's harder to hit shorter characters.

  14. Anonymous2:10 AM

    i meant animation wise since he's got a gun now, but that's good to know. twould suck to see someone duck a fully powered down b -_-*

    i'll just assume fire spits out of the barrel of the gun

  15. Anonymous6:16 AM

    Amazing really good ect. Theres a glitch tough, when someone grabs him he will float At the top of the screen. Maybe someone can fix this *looks at mewtwo2000*

  16. Anonymous9:42 AM

    These are so AWESOME! But to separate them more you could give regular K. Rool his bat (looks like a scepter) from Mario Super Sluggers instead of the Blunderbluss. Don't no what Barron K. Roolenstein could have. Maybe just something that looks futuristic.

  17. Anonymous6:38 AM

    Brb changing my underwear.

  18. Anonymous7:45 AM

    He looks absolutely perfect. Glad to finally have a proper K.Rool that actually LOOKS like K.Rool. :3

    DLing immediately!


  19. Anonymous9:37 AM

    Now we just need a PSA for this. Maybe the waddle dee's and etc changed to kremlings for the final smash and his other regular A and B moves changed to K rool like moves... idk just something different. B for his gun shooting. :3

  20. so i finally downloaded this bad boy and i'm very impressed. i got the normal sized normal eyes and everything seems perfect except for the gun's size. i checked while i was playing; it falls short in size to the hitbox which is very deceiving to the eye, i actually found myself a little messed up by it lol. is there a way you can make a separate file that keeps k rool's size but increases the gun's size so that the barrel reaches the end of the hitbox? that'd be awesome, cause then he'd be tournie legal xD

  21. Anonymous7:11 PM

    Can you post a mediafire link? King K Rool has been a favorite of mine but the time I finally had the brawl hacking thing set up, brawl vault was shut down. If anyone could email the link Id greatly appreciate it. Thank you.