Mother 3 needs more love

I know that Pik made his own version (and his is better than mine), I started her out of boredom, and I was curious to see how she would turn out to me, and here she is =]

I'm not so satisfied with the result, but I hope that you guys will like her =)
Click the first Image for the download ;)


  1. she just has a weird head-shape, but i dont rly know her so she might rly be like that ^^

  2. Kumatora joins the Brawl!

    This is too epic for words, she looks absolutely flawless.

    I have played Mother 3 before, so I can tell you that the head is on point, everything looks great.

    Amazing job Micaiah!

  3. Hey, cool stuff Mic!

    I don't know if I should release mine anymore, but people will be satisfied with this for sure. The jacket turned out great

  4. Christian_CAO8:54 PM

    PIK, release yours anyway!>:(

    You've invested way too much time into Kumatora to just brush her aside, because somebody already made one. :(

    Don't pull that get out of jail free card this late in the game XD

  5. Pik, you should release yours as well, like I said, yours is better than mine x)

    Plus yours is way different anyway and it has your own touch that I personally love in all of your hacks =]
    I'm sure that people would agree with me on this

    Many thanks for the compliments, by the way =)

  6. Does this change hitboxes because she's taller than Lucas? Not that it matters because it's still cool.

    And Pik, put yours out too.