Scott Pilgrim vs. Nintendo

I made this to go with Haloedheros upcoming PSA; check out the demo here: This is based loosely off his in-game game sprite and comic appearance.

*2 versions included, one for use with Haloedheros PSA and one for use without. Has both jeans and brown pants textures. WiFi safe.


  1. Enigmatic8:21 PM

    I've liked you for a thousand years, a thousand years~

    Fantastic Vertex. Permanent default Lucas.

  2. Hoooooly shiiiiit. AWESOME!

  3. Anonymous6:40 AM

    This is amazing :O
    But the link isn't working.. ;_;

  4. This is awesome, but I think the proportions need to be more realistic. You've got the art style fine, but he's not tall enough, and his head is too big.

  5. Anonymous4:59 PM

    u can make this but you cant make a tails vertex, like wtf!! just mad bcuz no one will make a tails vertex

  6. The proportions are fine ^3^ Oh, and it is alright to vent, but choose where to do so.

    There is a request thread in the forum if you want to have someone see your request. Beyond isn't obligated to make what you or anyone else wants, so just ask first and think before you make a post, least you get on someones nerves.

    ^o^ Just be a little more courteous and post your request in the correct area. Okay, I am done being a prude.

    Fantastic Scott Pilgrim ^3^ It practically forced me to try out the PSA as well, it is oh so much fun~ ^3^

  7. @dundabre000
    The proportions a to fit with the PSA and the videogame NOT the comic. The proportions are near perfect if you compare it to this:

    And besides think about it. If it was comic Scott, it would make no sense to put him on Lucas. You'd need him over a human character so the proportions are actually correct.

  8. @Christian_CAO

    Wasn't venting or requesting anything, brah. It was simple feedback. You should think before you make a reply, least you get on my nerves.


    Now I'm not dissing on this, as I really like it, but in my opinion they should've based it off the comics. To me, it would just fit more because of the way they changed all the Brawl characters to be semi-realistic. But still, this is awesome. I love the move-set.

  9. ^ I totally forgot to specify who I was talking to with the post ^3^" the anonymous post after yours is who I was talking to, sorry for the confusion but I thought that it would be obvious who I was directing the rest of my post to. Once again, I am sorry about that ^o^

  10. ASDFJIOADASHAOD That's awesome. It's a pity that no one's done any of the evil exes, but simply having an awesome Scott Pilgrim hack such as this is.....well, worthy of praise.

  11. Anonymous7:52 PM

    oh my goodness

  12. Anonymous9:52 AM

    Someone should make all the good vertex hacks of Lucas fit with the Pilgrim moveset. Like Goku, Gotenks, Kumatora is fine just need to rename bones, and any other up coming good vertex hack for Lucas. Because I'm not getting rid of the Scott moveset, its the best m fing psa for that weak ass Lucas. You cant have those epic characters fight like Lucas.

  13. Anonymous4:40 AM


  14. Anonymous11:15 PM

    Very good PSA!!! one thing, in the future you should put more power and less stamina, with a smash hit on 80% of damage he literality "fly".....and his hits....really sucks, just up smash is "powerful". Don't take it seriously, it's just a constructive critique....oh! one more thing....sorry for my bad english :P. See you later and thanks for all your work!!

  15. Anonymous10:01 PM

    Dude you need to post your stuff on a different site since Brawl Vault is down. I suggest mediafire.

  16. @lates anonymous:
    dude, this hack was uploaded way before the vault fall-down... u cant ask ppl to submit all the dowload links of all their hacks... just wait till its back...