May the stars shine down on you :Edit 12/24:

Rosalina is now ready to Brawl!

She has all the extra stuff a Brawl character would have, and is fully rigged, so even the mouth and fingers move properly. And her star wand is over the tennis racket.

And if you didn't notice, I'm Snoopy, and i'm new to LST.

12/24 edit - i updated Rosalina a bit. first, i went back and rigged the foot properly, thanks to MnSG for pointing that out. second, i changed the lighting as best i could. the download includes 2 versions of lighting, 1 with the updated lighting, and 1 without lighting. the best result i could get was to just null the shader, i don't know why the dress refused to look good. but by changing the lighting a bit, the metal texture looks a lot better, the front isn't mostly black now. so now, pics.

i also updated all of my other imports with various fixes, so check those out too.


  1. Anonymous4:01 AM

    Awesome job. Glad I could be a part of such a well made hack

  2. Anonymous8:06 AM

    this is absolutely the most epic Rosalina of all time, and not some vertex of Peach. i mean those were good, but they are nothing, compared to the original Mama of the Lumas! :D

  3. will go great with SJS' csps
    btw, why doesnt he post them in the blog anymore?

  4. Are you planning on fixing the lighting?

  5. Impressive work. However, after looking at the animations, the legs seem to look weird at times.

  6. @RAWRzilla, i tried, and that's about as good as i could get it. but i probably will keep trying to mess with it.

    @MsNG, that's either from the legs only being there up to about her knees, or that i might have missed them in my final rigging revision. maybe a little of both.

    but that's guys, glad you like her. that dress was a pain to rig...

  7. Anonymous3:01 PM

    The shaders make me go nyeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhh.... and keep me from downloading it.

  8. Anonymous5:31 PM

    The sexiest first Blog post I've ever seen. Very nice job Snoopy, and glad to have you on our team.

    They ain't ready for our four projects we got planned sir!

  9. Anonymous5:35 PM

    The rig is wonderful. But the eye polygons don't seem to be shaded the same way as the rest of her face.

    The texture needs work though. Most noticable on the hair, where it doesn't flow in the same direction as the actual polygon and just goes straight up and down throughout.

  10. @Snoopy: Yeah it's probably an issue with the bones.

    For those who are wondering what I mean...

  11. Anonymous2:35 PM

    This is AWSOME! Can you do White Mage (Pure White) from Mario Sports Mix?

  12. Ms Spinda did a vertex hack of White Mage, but not an actual model import.

    Segtendo is working on Waluigi's Mario Sports Mix model, so knowing if that import works will answer if the White Mage model can be properly imported too.

  13. Toad757:39 PM

    I know Ms Spinda did a vertex hack but I'm hoping that White Mage can be imported

  14. Toad757:41 PM

    One more thing Mario and Sonic Guy, I've seen the Mario Sports Mix models on Model resource (and I think it was by Treeki. Not too sure)

  15. @Toad75: Actually, it's RandomTBush who extracted the Mario Sports Mix models. I saw them myself.

  16. Toad755:14 PM

    Snoopy i have a tid bit of advice for you.
    I think you should make the end of the sleeves move along with the wrists.
    Because if you were to look at the rosalina model from MKW here on Model Resource: you can see how the mesh of the sleeves move along with her wrists.

  17. could you please post the mediafire link while the vault is down?

  18. Anonymous9:27 AM

    how can i download it ?