LSTeam Presents: Melee's most missed

Thany & StarWaffle team up in this super cool duo release of the two most missed and most requested characters, Roy and Mewtwo.

Mewtwo is and updated model to better reflect his current appearance... kinda. I just made him becuse idk. He looks pretty legit though, give him a try. Metal blinking yellow hurt eyes ect. 

I also made some recolors including my take on armored mewtwo. 

Huge credit to Data_Drain for the snapshots. 


And here comes the Young Lion prince of Pherae, the wielder of Hartmut's Fuuin no Tsurugi, the brilliant red haired youth, Roy!

He's sporting moveable Final Smash eyes here.

And all 5 expressions. Here's his full blink.

Half blink.

Talk face.

Ouch face.

Here are 3 different sheathe models all sporting metal textures.

Pics of his black costume, each with a different sheathe position.

His other four costumes from the front.

...And the back.

A custom shadow model? Awesome!

And it has its own Sword of Seals!


  1. These look awesome, great job guys!

  2. Yo, nice work! And you even edited the shadows.

  3. Wonderful work from both of you! Both models (as I've probably said before) are top class! And well done again on getting into PMBR.

  4. Mewtwo20006:28 AM

    Magnificent. God-like. No more to say.

  5. Victory Badguy6:42 AM

    My God... Is this what true happiness feels like?

  6. Words can not express the sexiness of both hacks in this. Thany, Waffle, they're amazing. Keep up the sexy work, LST Team!

  7. Mewtwo200010:22 AM

    Just a small visual flaw in Mewtwo: It's as if the tail end had bad normals. Just telling, I suppose it should not be a big trouble to fix. Other than that, amazing model(s)

  8. Nice Work, reminds me that I have to update my SD and play Brawl again

  9. Giga Man4:31 PM


    I'm speechless...

  10. Dude, all these look amazing. These are the best Roy and Mewtwo ive seen, and the Armored Mewtwo is flawless. Im the head of Project Pokemon Brawl and im just curious if your ever going to make your Mewtwo on the Mewtwo Alpha over Marth? Were trying our hardest to keep Lucario.

  11. Anonymous12:01 PM

    Freezes in Subspace and bossbattle