Thany's Melee-y Roy. Final version!

God that took forever for me to think of something that isn't redundantly cliche to say for this blogpost, like "Roy's our boy!" or "Our boy is back!" Thankfully I'm a fan of the Game Grumps and saw their Brawl episodes.

Uh...Anyway...Thany here. And hey, look! I've finished my Roy PSA! That only took forever. Yay.

The last time I updated him was March 18th/21st of 2012. That sure was a while ago... I won't go into a gargantuan spiel here about most of the details of this update. That's what the included text files are for.

Oh well, I can't help myself. I love blathering on. I'll only list a few things. It's a quirk. Indulge me.
Some new stuff:

  • Contains proper versions for vBrawl, Brawl Plus, Brawl Minus and Project:M
  • Side B's hitlag was fixed for the vBrawl and Brawl Minus versions so it's less difficult to use.
  • New entry, Final Smash, and a TONNE of fixed/improved animations.
  • New .sawnd files. I've redone his SFX and included a few different WAVs for the announcer call.
  • Graphical update for the "Roy-compatible-Marth", so grab that too if you use it.
  • ALL the functioning .rels so you can use him over virtually anyone if you want to keep Marth.
I'll try to get around to making versions of him that work with PAL SFX in the future...

Plenty of cool surprises await inside. My DeviantArt has a collection of GIFs that showcase what's new/updated/different from Marth. I would've had a preview video, but there were circumstances that have prevented such from coming to be, and I didn't want to put this off for another month.

Oh, and I've got a de-cloned Roy in the works, too. I might get a preview/demo/whatever you want to call it out at some point soon. :3

Have fun, everyone!


  1. Anonymous2:00 PM

    Very nice work here, Thany.

    The animations are very smooth, the gameplay is, while similar to Marth, pretty nicely different... I honestly like him better then Marth. XD

    All and all, he's a keeper... And makes a great replacement for Olimar. :P

    1. Last time I use that feature here... AOL must not like using this site. ._.

      Pardon that glitchy mess of a name there. <_>;

    2. Anonymous11:32 PM

      We forgive you, Jiri.

  2. Anonymous5:17 PM

    How Do I use this roy over olimar!!! Don't know how to port :;l

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. inakie7:54 PM

    The animations are great! But the Brawl minus version is kind of strange ( a play only minus ).
    Some things I would recommend changing:

    ALL AERIELS!!!!!
    They extremely weak especially his up air (it has a very weak meteor smash if sour spotted?) and refuses to KO even at 500 percent
    Forword aerial is pretty weak in general wont kill at 300 percent.
    Back aerial can spike if hit in the sweetspot but other than that is still very week.
    Down Aerial's spike should be bigger for minus in my opinion and its ending lag should but reduced drastically
    It is extremely difficult to KO at 300% which is a big downside for minus.

    Neutral Jab: Only one slash? Idk just kind of weird to me.

    Forward should be a bit stronger
    Down tilt is perfect
    Up Tilt is good

    Side B is great a little hard to perfect but really strong
    Blazer is good although since it's not really for koing and has little range for a recovery i would increase its damage by 50 percent or even double it
    Counter is great
    neutral B is geat

    Smashes are perfect

  5. Will the .rel character replacements work over Project M DDD or are there codes that mess it up?

  6. how to put the codes on project M? :/

  7. shun_one9:45 PM

    Super great job Thany! This Roy is so much fun to play as! I use the PM version (over Jigglypuff) and it's a blast to mix it up with him. I hope PM gets an official Roy at some point.

    1. Shun, dude, it's me, GunBlaze from Smashmods. Help me! How can I put Roy over Jiggs?! And if possible, can you give me a .bsrar that has the correct voices over Jiggs'?!

  8. Anonymous1:40 PM

    ive noticed his a little to big

    1. His what? His what?! Will we ever know?!

  9. Cool, I missed Roy. Nice tittle btw. If Egoraptor aproves then I shall use this Roy.

  10. Anonymous2:18 PM

    It looks great, but it says I can put him over sonic in the readme where the anims for the different brawl mods are kept ( I use P:M). Aaaaand it freezes when I pick a stage. Help would be kindly appreciated.

  11. Anonymous2:04 PM

    Is there a reason why de cloned roy cant dash back and forth?

  12. Download broken. Does anyone got a download for regular Brawl?