Cloudy with a chance of snowballs

Ridge Troopa here with your forecast for the week. I'd normally say it's looking pretty grim for those of you driving to work in the morning, but this cute little Nimbus and his tightly-packed buddy are stirring up a blizzard you'll want to get caught in!

Taking the place of the Ice Climbers, Prince Mallow wields his teacher's Froggie Stick, and Snowy somehow slings a shovel around. The pair sport everything you'd expect from an import: expressions, perfect rigging (because his head is so big, Mallow's arms clip a little at times, but that's expected), metal, Final Smash eyes... And, as well as being guaranteed Wi-Fi safe, they come packed with CSP's and BP's.

Recolors are also included, starting with Peppermint, Toxic, Blueberry...

And finishing out with a Geno-inspired costume and fabulous Rainbow.


  1. Welcome to the team Ridge. You've brought two excellent mods to the table already. Can't wait to see what else you have in store.

    1. Much appreciated. Despite that I haven't shown off a lot so far, you can trust I have many ideas for the future.

  2. Welcome to the team.

    <_< They both look absolutely stunning...

  3. Congratulations in joining LST, Ridge! I'm sure you'll enjoy your time with these assholes!

    And excellent mod. This Mallow and Snowy are way too good for a first mod...

    1. If they're assholes, that must make you one too! As for me... I'm honored to be one.

      Thanks. The better quality is due to their being in the works for nearly a year, developing along with my skills. Believe me, they were hella ugly when I started!

  4. Velen8:20 PM

    Whoa...Hot freakin damn.

    Now long did you work on this man?

    1. A bit less than a year, on and off.

  5. Wow... Amazing, the model and texture quality is practically flawless. Finally a proper replacement for Ice Climbers on our rosters, they have been needing to be replaced since brawl was released. >__> Hopfully someone makes a PSA.

  6. Anonymous10:38 PM


  7. xXPikaKingXx11:29 PM

    This is super awesome! This is the best and most accurate Mallow hack i have ever seen!
    Excellent job! Now here's hoping someone makes a Mallow PSA that lets him summon Snowy as the Final Smash instead of the Iceberg (either that or Star Rain by using the Starman model)

  8. it's stunning work. Worthy of an actual in-game model for nintendo itself. You did the character such justice. Wish you had more attention on this!

  9. MALLOW?!
    Holy shit balls, I love you already. It's a perfect hack to be on the team.

  10. Anonymous8:25 AM

    Ridge Troopa time!

    Welcome to the team, sir.

    After you showed me the model on MSN, its one thing, but seeing it in game, its holy shit. It is very holy shit.

    Amazing work is the least I could say.

    And I know what I said before, but now after seeing these pics over the Ice Climbers might not have been a bad idea at all.

    Whats funny to me also, the voice and personality fits Mallow very well.

    Going on my SD now.

  11. Aha so you were the undercover dude that they were speaking about before. Well I must say congrats on getting onto this team and excellent work on the mod. There are very few good IC mods so this is great to see. The models and textures are definitely LST quality.

  12. Anonymous10:29 AM

    this get me motivetion to make a moveset for mallow
    but will not be over IC cuz i am planing to make baby mario bros over them

    maybe over kirby

  13. Welcome to the team.

    This mod is leaps an bounds better than any other mallow I've ever seen. It's absolutely perfect and fits in with the rest of the brawl cast flawlessly. Good job and I can't wait to see more from you in the future.

  14. Butch3:19 PM

    Hey broski this is some good stuff. the ice climbers arent my favs but this model is some legit shit. bravo for a good job well done.

    9/10 love the SMRPG game