Its a party and everyone is invited!

Third bomberman today!   
I had a lot of requests to update my old one, so here he is.  Still not perfect because olimar has no legs =[ 
but the head is pretty cool.

Comes with an online version. 

he has ear holes  =|    deal with it


  1. Anonymous4:09 AM

    Dang, so many bomberman hacks this past week!

    This one is the best yet. Nice job.

  2. Christian_CAO4:48 AM

    You have improved :3 Bomber man is looking too good to be true ^3^

  3. Anonymous5:27 AM

    Can anyone explain how to put bombs in this Bomberman? I know it says in the BrawlVault that bombs are in V1, but personally I don't know how to put the bombs from the other Bomberman hacks in this one. :/ Maybe I should replace something using BrawlBox?

  4. Anonymous7:56 AM

    In the first one, the aerials always fails.
    This problem was fixed in this version?

  5. Frostymm9:15 AM

    So amazing T.T Star you've made me so happy <3

  6. I wouldn't recommend using the Bombs, I never figured out how to fix them D: I am no model swapping expert ;-;

    They were mainly for show last time and someone had suggested it .

  7. Anonymous12:56 AM

    Well, StarWaffle, I tried the other Bomberman hacks with bombs, and personally I prefer to use them instead the Pikmins. What I should replace in the .pcs? Please, it's very important for me, I love Bomberman. n-nU

    Thanks in advance, of course.

  8. AdfroMan3:49 AM

    Maybe you should make a version of this with the bombs for the people who aren't hackers and don't know how to put them in.

  9. Amazing work as usual Star. I'ma try to put the bombs in myself anyway, it'll give him some uniqueness like what Chibi Samus has.

  10. Anonymous3:16 PM

    Very cool but I hate Olimars moves...
    Is there a way to port this model over another character?

    Is there anyone who think the same?

  11. Anonymous4:02 PM

    The model is GREAT, but beyond that, I want to commend you on how excellent the texture is. Good textures are what most vertex hacks seem to lack (although it's definitely not an easy thing to deal with), so this is really nice to see.

  12. Giga Man10:13 PM

    Very awesome Bomberman vertexture. I love this stuff. The Brawl hacking community is excellent.
    I hope you add facial expressions in a future update, if that's not too much trouble.

  13. Anonymous6:24 PM

    oh yes please make a version with with bombs for people who dont know how to add them, it would be appreciated

  14. Giga Man1:09 PM

    Y'know, now that we've seen hacks like the Tom Nook on Olimar by Bav who swapped the Pikmin with moneybags, do you think you or anyone else could give the bombs for Bomberman another try?

  15. bomberman v3 is actualy on my list of things to do =D

  16. Giga Man10:18 PM

    Awesome! I'm look forward to it, StarWaffle. I really do like this Bomberman.