The most wonderful thing about Tiggers

          Is he is the only one.

K so this guy was probably one of the hardest things ive made >.>  hope you like it

I feel like I am doing a bad thing though,  I've never played a kingdom hearts game in my life... nor do I know anythng about the gamnes.  I feel like I am going into someone else yard without their permmision D:  

I like the concept of disney characters getting some new outfits though so I thought I'd make Tigger.. Sorry If I offend anyone in any ways o.o

Wifi safe btw.


  1. Tigger just got 1000 times more badass! And he was already badass to begin with o.O

  2. Wait what? So awesome! o.O
    Finally a Wolf hack. I thought the old O'Donnel was abandoned.
    "I can't let you eat that Honey, Winnie the Pooh!"

  3. This is the best thing I've ever seen. It makes Tigger look so much like a badass... God yes...

  4. Anonymous3:02 PM

    StarWaffle, you should go into other people's yards without their permission more often. This is the best thing you've made since your update to Bomberman. And It's Wifi safe?! Instant download!

  5. Anonymous4:36 PM

    Oh my god. This is hack of the year, all years.

  6. Anonymous8:18 PM

    This hack is great as always star, never spected to see a character from "winnie the pooh" in brawl xD

    BTW star, how about metabee?

  7. Dayum, this is incredible.

  8. I don't mind if U make U're own version's of disnay caricters under 1 condition, U make a normal version of that caricter You're Re-doing as well (I like You're hack I'd just also like 2 play as normal non evil looking Tiger)
    also is that supposed to be some kind of Keyblade!?