The cat is out of the bag

Oh Klonoa, how long have we been working on you....
After releasing a beta awhile back we have made a whole bunch of tweaks to this fine character. 

He has a bunch of new attacks and a bunch of new PSA stuff.

What makes klonoa so special?  well Klonoa is a model import. None of his bones would match up with ANYONE already in brawl which meant we had to make every single animation from scratch. 

Yes we have made over 180 new animations for this project... so much work D:

We hope that you decide to give klonoa a go, he is pretty much completely functional. There are some glitches still in there tho. 

The Download contains all the image files you may want, klonoa recolors and the pitfal/moo replacement

Thanks to everyone who helped make Klonoa possible. 

If you find any glitches or think of things that need improvement animation wise just let me know with a comment on here =D


  1. Epic Klonoa is epic =]
    Splendid work!
    I'll be finally able to play as one of the characters that should've been in brawl.

  2. Wolfric5:07 PM

    Whoooo =D Great work!

  3. frostymm6:40 PM

    Took us long enough to get the next version out though XD

  4. Emeril1277:11 PM

    I'm glad that this project is not dead after all the long and hard work we put into it StarWaffle. I want to continue helping you guys with this project so much because I have been dieing to modify my textures ( cause that is the only thing I can really do lol).Please give me a hollar if you still need help.

    Your Friend:

  5. Fantastic ^3^ I do not usually enjoy changing characters entirely, but this is one of the few exceptions I will make ^3^

    All of you did such an amazing job on this project, I'll definitely enjoy this as much as possible :)

    Thank you guys for being so awesome in general ^3^

  6. Vidilefe9:16 PM

    awsome hack love its creativity but i found a glitch how after the match ends the screen goes black then freezes

  7. that happened to me too, idk why. just dont use the info/info2/menu that are provided.

    For some reason it causes some people to freeze.

  8. It may have to do with how you saved the interface hacks. Did you save them in the most recent version of Brawlbox? Are they compressed right?

    Anyways, I'm so excited that you released the next version! The beta was great, so this one will kick ass.

  9. wow that looks awesome!
    I use Lucas a lot though, is it possible to install him without PSA? Or the animations will be messed up?

  10. @Segab
    It's a model import rather than a vertex, so the animations will get really messed up.

  11. Anonymous12:22 PM

    Is there a way to make the texture less grayed out? :o Also, does anyone who worked on this still have the original images used for the CSP's? I'd like to make them perfect pose, though I kind of did with the current ones.

  12. We have tried many times to fix the lighting issue :( the only place he looks normal is on skyworld from the back.

    I plan on making him a stage with that lighting so that he always looks awsome. but until then ;-;

    shock44 made the csp send him a pm on smashboards/kcmm

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  14. its good but, it seems to T stance on the down taunt and the up throw. and why are all his attacks lightning? it seems that it can interfere with some other combos during gameplay (the lightning stun affect)

  15. frostymm2:50 PM


    The only attacks that should be lightning are the sword ones and maybe one or two others, are you sure you're not just spamming the sword? =p

  16. @frosty

    I think he's talking about how moves are still PK lightning from Lucas' hitboxes. When an attack like the F Tilt, U Smash, D Smash, N Air etc hits, it does PK hitboxes rather than normal ones. I can fix this quickly for you if you want?

  17. frostymm6:56 PM

    That'd be awesome actually, just make the modifications to the current download and link us to it. The only things we want to keep that effect on is are the sword attacks. Thanks a bunch in advance

  18. Dsmash should keep the lightning effect cuz hes attacking with his ring powaz

  19. Anonymous9:22 PM

    Who the heck is this? Never seen this before in my life. I'm not removing Cloud over Lucas for this. Although, from what I see, you guys put a lot of effort into this hack. Great work

  20. Anonymous11:52 PM

    For some reason, whenever I exit a normal match, the game freezes.

  21. ^ its a problem with the info/info2/menu folders

    just dont use them and it will work

  22. Impressive. You're doing a great job man. =O
    Btw, I'd like to ask 2 things...
    1 - Does this Model Import works with Lucas normal moveset?
    2 - Is this a one slot import?

  23. 1- nope he would remain t stance for every one of lucases animations

    2- no because he has a psa and a motionfile

  24. Just popping back to say how awesome he is ^3^

    He has great animations, though there are a few missing for certain things like being grabbed and what not, but it is still very impressive :)

    Also, his polygons stretch all over the place for a whole match if thrown by Mario's back throw while on the Green Greens Fountain of Dreams stage made by Mewtwo2000. Just wanted you to know.

    By the way, his down B seems different than before.

    He no longer has that enlarged green sphere at the end of his ring like he did before...

    It is not that big of a deal, but without it or another graphic, it makes it seem less special for a special attack.

    I know this is still being worked on and everything is subject to change in future installments but I just wanted to say that much.

  25. Frostymm8:03 AM

    @That guy who prefers Cloud

    Lol Cloud has ports to go over most characters by now doesn't he? =p


    Yeah lol been lazy in animating and Stars been too busy to animate. We'll get more done before the next release, promise.

    Yeah we know about that, it's on every stage. Klonoa can now throw his opponents but we haven't quite fixed them throwing him or even following the proper bones...

    That was me, I looked at how the attack was displayed in Namco X Capcom and there was never a wind-bullet attached to it or anything so I removed it. There was some sort of eliptical energy ball or something we haven't quite found anything to replace it just yet. I may just add some Brawl graphic and be done with it or just change the move entirely.

  26. Vidilefe6:30 PM

    hey thanks for the help i was wandering for the next update you can replace his B-up instead of a pitfall item you can use king dee dee dee's minion walla dee? i dont like using the item because some people like to spam it

  27. that sounds great, thanks sdo0m, i'd appriciate it a lot ^^

  28. Anonymous3:15 AM

    I want to test it but there is a wrong download and brawlvault is dead.....

  29. Frostymm9:30 AM

    The only character that can use Waddle Dee's is King Dedede, its an article that can't be ported over to Lucas currently. If you put the pitfall.brres and param in it should do about as much as any other special if spammed (Meaning not much)

    Brawlvaults up again and the download still works I just checked it

  30. Hey, I was wondering, I injected the files into my Common3, the param and brres for the pitfall, and it froze.

  31. rederci9393:51 PM

    I have been waiting for this forever!
    I <3 Klonoa!
    Klonoa, the most underrated series IN EXISTENCE!
    I really hope they make a Klonoa 3 :3

    Thank you for making this!

  32. Vidilefe6:53 PM

    thanks for the help i didnt use either one of them so thats what i believed it would do so thanks again cant wait for the next update love playing as klonoa

  33. frostymm9:58 PM

    Try re-injecting them into a new Common3 or your current one if you backed it up. You might've uploaded one to a wrong spot or something or it might've just been a bad save from brawlbox but those files definitely work.

  34. rederci93912:52 PM

    After testing it out, I LOVE IT! :3

    Just a few problems though, the down taunt makes him T-stance, as does picking up items. Also, like many other people the game freezes with a black screen at the end of a match, I have yet to try not using the info/info2/menu, or whatever you're supposed to do to stop it...

    Now a few personal opinions (if there's a problem with implementing these that I just didn't realize, don't hesitate to correct me on it). First of all, in order to stay true to the series, shouldn't his grab attack be a Wind Bullet instead of him just, you know, grabbing them? Also, once again in order to stay true to the series, I think he should be able to have a third jump if he's holding an item, dropping the item in the process (if that's even possible to do...) and maybe change the UpB move to something else... If that's not possible, I agree with Vidilefe about the pitfall vs. Waddle Dee thing, why did you choose Lucas instead of DeDeDe?

    All things considered, this is amazing! :3
    Never taking it off of my SD card (until a new version comes out that is :P).

  35. I don't know why I didn't say this before, but I posted a link in the Smashboards topic for Klonoa with the fixed hitbox flags and stuff =) It's just the FitLucas.pac file

  36. Frostymm8:28 AM


    Yeah, we haven't gotten all the animations completed yet. I did a ton of them but I've been focusing more on PSA and graphics recently.

    We want to make his grab a wind-bullet and actually make it so he can walk around the stage with his opponent kind of like DonkeyKong its just that Shock wasn't able to get it to work last time we tried. As far as the extra jump with an item he kind of already has that. We didn't take away the boosting effect that was put it between the two releases. If you jump while throwing something down you'll get an extraordinary boost upward.

    The up-B is just about perfect the way it is as long as you use the pitfall param and brres with the Klonoa mod.

    Lucas was chosen instead of DeDeDe simply for compatibility with Klonoa's bones, no other reason. If we could have used DDD with his waddledee's as Moo we would have but we had no other choice. Otherwise you'd probably be dealing with even more horrible glitches and abnormalitys.

    Glad you like it ^^


    Yeah, I've already added it to the current files and we're working on all the new stuff from the .pac you sent. Thanks again for the help

  37. Giga Man11:06 PM

    Klonoa would look great on Sonic.

    Anyway, nice work on this. Klonoa in general is awesome.

  38. chrismetru7:54 PM

    I love the new version! This was great and probobly the BEST import IVE EVER SEEN!!! And Ive been hacking for 1-2 years now! Awesome stuff guys.

  39. Anonymous9:13 AM

    Considering the importance of individual animations, you don't plan on doing all the item animations any time soon do you?

    Super-Ultra-Mega-Kicking-Butt job! My sister and I love Klonoa, it is about time some one gave him more credit.

    I put the winning animation with the vision-start sound from the game itself for the down taunt, really cool stuff! Reminds me of playing Klonoa 2 again...

  40. chaosonic16:07 AM

    Almost perfect! trust me I REALLY want this hack, and all that stands in the way is the fact that the game freezes upon completing a match, if anyone can help, please let me know.

  41. Anonymous7:35 PM

    The only file which is affecting the result screen lies in the menu folder. For some reason, the portrait that replaces the top image of their column is not loading correctly, causing the game to crash. Maybe you could solve that by observing the default MenSelchrFaceB250, check if the dimensions are correct, if they are, replace the portraits manually and try again. I have yet to try this tactic out myself however.

  42. Anonymous7:39 PM

    I found an error...

    Someone already found this, but I found some specifics. It seems that when Wario dismounts his bike in the air, or lands on the ground when dismounting it from the ground, the game freezes. The same issue happens randomly when Toon Link uses his bombs. It is weird though, it isn't caused by the Pit Fall's Param, but its Brres...

  43. chaosonic15:54 PM

    ALLLLLMOST! I have encountered errors in which klonoa completely disapears thre screen has huge polygons up front, I think this happens when you break link/toon link's grapple (AWESOME job otherwise)

  44. Anonymous8:08 AM

    That happens with a lot of grabs...

    I confirmed the fix above about that info/info2/menu thing. Apparently, it is the menu folder. Whatever is inside of it, remake it from the default version (Lucas version), and it should work perfectly fine.

  45. Thanks, One last question: where do I put the Moo files?

  46. Anonymous5:56 AM

    I wouldn't suggest to use the bstrm... When using this, several attacks of DIFFERENT characters tend to freeze, oddly enough. I would suggest only to use the param.

  47. Anonymous5:32 PM

    I will bring klonoa back in my rooster as soon as the exploding thing is gone when someone grabs him..
    He is the best I psa made for lucas by far, but having him exploding into pixels when someone grabs him isn't much fun v..v

  48. Anonymous4:25 PM

    When Klonoa is KO'ed he will be splatted all over the screen :/
    Will there be a fix for this soon?
    So much hard work have been placed into this project, it would be a shame if it would be forgotten because of that one glitch. Other than that glitch he is epic

  49. Anonymous11:55 AM

    This looks amazing, but I have one question - how do I install it? Do I just put the stuff in the Lucas folder like it was a texture hack? Sorry, I'm pretty new to all this.

  50. Anonymous5:02 AM

    So I put this skin in properly (as far as I know) but when even I load into a game poor Klanoa flies into the sky and never come down. also It freezes after the round. any one got an idea what up?

  51. Anonymous3:36 PM

    Yeah me too, everything works perfect, minus a few T-Frams but that's ok. he just flies into the sky whenever his feet leave the ground

  52. Anonymous7:40 PM

    Some animations force him into blind pose(i.e. Up throw)