Do the impossible, see the invisible... ROW ROW, FIGHT DA POWA!

I took my time importing Yoko... but it was WORTH IT!

Yoko Littner (aka Yoko Ritona) joins the Brawl! This model is from Miku Miku Dance and was made by SaYaKa Project.

The model has everything:
- Moving Eyes
- Final Smash eyes
- Changing faces
- Perfect shader
- Perfect normals

- Perfect metal

- Even the FINGERS are rigged, O MAI GAH!

I actually can't believe she's done. XD I had tons of problems with things but I managed to fix everything and pull it all together in the end. :D



  1. Non-homo love for you. <3
    Best Zamus hack so far, if not best Brawl hack. =D

  2. Anonymous10:48 PM

    Amazing work doing here man. Everything is perfect about her. Truly impressed.

    She got the normals, shaders, and a great looking metal texture.

    I never rigged before, but I've heard how much of a bitch rigging fingers can be, and they look good, so props to you.

    You are LST material for sure sir. Now go put a Divider on your blog post before I kill you, BlackJackie. =D

  3. Is it possible to make an alternative version with Saki's rifle(TvC)?

    Will you make Gurren Lagann Over Samus?

  4. Anonymous6:25 AM

    That looks amazing!!! Great work! Is it possible to give her a large rifle like Saki from TVC?

  5. xdarkmario7:39 AM

    aww yea I've been waiting for this !

  6. MahBoiPlus11:57 AM

    Mah Boi! This Very impressive work is what all true warriors strive for!

  7. If it makes it any easier, you could use the rifle from my Kerrigan. Also, underboob.

  8. God yes. Your model is the model that will pierce my apathy towards Brawl mods.

  9. Anonymous10:02 PM


  10. Hey, i want to downlaod it, but Brawl Vault is down, can someone give me the mediafire link to dl it please?

  11. Anonymous4:18 PM

    you morons KC:MM is down, you idiots gotta know who you hire

    1. Alses6:34 PM

      I'm sorry but who are you to call them morons? And no one hires anyone. Just because the site went down temporarily doesn't mean you have the right to come into the post of a great hack and just bitch about it. KC-MM is down, not the first time and won't be the last. This kind of stuff happens just be patient. Next time you're gonna rage like a fool: don't, its annoying and doesn't help. @Unknown, The site is down but they're working on it.

  12. Kakalaa5:11 AM

    Yes Anon, it appears the site has been DDos'ed.

    It's not these guys' fault cause they
    don't run Kc:mm =P