It's only been a week...

...And there's already a new Brawlbox!
Don't have many preview images this time around though.

I'll release Yoko soon, I promise! XD

ANYWAY, Brawlbox has been updated to v0.65c.

New features:
- Undo and Redo in the model and collision previewers!
I had previously coded undo and redo buttons, but that was way back in v0.64d before the model importer was even finished, and they were buggy. Xiggah recently coded it better! XD So thank Xiggah for those buttons, not me. :P

- Wavefront OBJ exporter.
Right click an MDL0 object, click export, and save as .obj. An alternative to exporting as DAE, in case you wanted to just export something like a sword with no bones.

- A working automatic metal material adder!
For those who know about the float value thing, you don't even need to check the force buttons when importing a DAE. Brawlbox will convert the values to float if they need to be.

- DAE exporter bugfix. Now when you import a DAE export from Brawlbox into 3ds Max and then export it back to a DAE from 3ds Max, there won't be any "null bones" error.

- MDL0 values now modulate other nodes more closely.
A good example of this would be the texture list. You'll notice that there'll never be a texture with no references.

Happy modding n stuff!


  1. Demonslayerx810:00 PM

    but yet ur a day late in posting this :P

    anyways keep it up BJ!

  2. Anonymous11:02 PM

    Excellent keep up the good work :)

  3. xdarkmario7:12 AM

    yea I want that yoko !

  4. MahBoiPlus7:17 AM

    Wow! Only a week. Mah boi! This program is what all true hackers strive for!

  5. Anonymous6:42 AM

    I don´t know why but I can´t import the dae files into 3ds max