Roy's Our Pseudo-Complete Boy!

'hoy~! I'm Thany, the newest recruit in the Legendary Smash Team! Yay!

I'm a rather unknown Jill-of-all-trades type of hacker, but I mostly specialize in animations and model work. This first blog post of mine is about something I've been working on since I became a Brawl hacker in January of 2011.

My Roy PSA! Exciting isn't it? My animations certainly do get around. There are some other Roy projects floating around that I've allowed my animations to be used for. KTH's Melee Roy was one(sans the down taunt, that was Tormod's), but those are very outdated now, and there's at least one decloned Roy PSA that I've let use them, if not more.

I took up this task after finally getting the means to hack Brawl because Goodoldganon's original Roy PSA was lacking something...Well...A lot of somethings. They were animations. It was made in a time where animating was a much much harder task to accomplish, and as such...No new animations were used.

But, since then, I've become the gender-bent Celice to the Sigurd that was Goodoldganon.(Tee hee. Fire Emblem reference!)

Roy is back and better than ever. In Melee he was pretty low tiered, heck even I'd say he was pretty bad, but now he better fits the glass cannon archtype that he is. The tip of his sword tends to serve as a utility in many moves, except for the F-Tilt and F-Smash, and the rest of his blade is packing serious might! He returns for Super Smash Brothers Brawl by embracing the best of the past and welcoming the new marvels of the future!

Here's some screenshots;

Lookie! It's his counter pose! Also look at how his sword glow is both red, and in the same shape as his sword! I aim to please after all~!(And have OCD levels of attention to detail with Roy)

Ow-ow-ow! Goodness! That looks PAINFUL! Roy returns to the battlefield packing his old trump card. The Counter! Stronger than Marth or Ike's, but with much more precise timing required. Be careful when you use it, otherwise you may be in for some serious punishment!

What!? Is that Flare Blade!? Why yes, my friends! Courtesy of the Project:M team, this Roy currently uses their P:M Shield Breaker animation. It feels SOOO good to charge up and dest-"Roy" your foes with such burning might! Let it charge up all the way, and the resulting explosion will blow most opponents off of the stage! But seeing as how Roy is caught in the explosion himself, he will sustain 10% damage...


Roy's down taunt is the same one he had in Melee, presumably based off of how his sword is sheathed in Fire Emblem: Fuuin no Tsurugi(Fire Emblem: The Sword of Seals for you non-Japanese speakers out there, or..."The Binding Blade"...Ugh)

There is also an alternate animation included in the download for those who prefer to use the "Back Sheathe" model of the RoyV3.5 vertex I did wherein he actually sheathes the sword. I am clever!

What!? Roy's also returning with his and Marth's old 3rd down attack from his Double Edge Dance!? Why yes. Yes he is. A good way to have Roy keep the feel of his moveset from Melee, yet not fall under the criticism of being a "clone" is, ironically, to restore the animations he had in Melee that Marth no longer has!

When I said animations Marth no longer has, I meant a LOT of them! Not just simple things like Specials, or Jabs, but things that otherwise make up who the character is. How they hang from the cliff. How they swim. How they lay when knocked flat on their face, even how he walks now! All three speeds!

This allows Roy to be more of a seperate entity, yet not loosing the similarity he and Marth have in both the SSB universe AND in the Fire Emblem games they hail from!(I guess they were clones of each other for more reasons than one. That's pretty clever.)

There are many changes to many attacks that attempt to "Roy-ify" them. This Roy still has Smashes like his Akaneian counterpart, but they have their differences as well, like the Forward Smash's charge animation is more powerful looking, or how the Down Smash's ending with how he runs his hand long the blade before he springs back up to his feet, or even looking at the pic above, how their jabs are different.

That Roy-jab animation was created from scratch and has him making more of a horizontal, and far less feminine looking swing than Marth has, for example. That was something that bothered me about Marth's animations. They're too flamboyant now, and it makes them feel incompatible with Roy.

C'mon, Sakurai, the poor boy's regal headwear is mistaken for a girl's hair accessory. Why you so hard on the feminine prince?


We have a video of the current build that was released on March 18/2012 (And again with a fix to his new Final Smash on the 21st. Thanks to _Data_Drain_ for that!)

This video shows off some new stuff and a few battles(And some silly doodles I had drawn.) Big thanks to Albafika/Wolfric for the vid.

The link for the download is at my topic on Smashboards. Keep in mind that this is still ~NOT~ a fully complete version of my PSA. I'd like to have it be completed by mid April if I can manage, but I won't make a promise I cannot keep.(Also, this PSA ~is~ intended for Brawl+, but I will make a vBrawl equivalent after this one is completed. Yay for minor tweaks!)

It also contains all of the patched .rels and codes that allow Roy/Marth PSAs to be ported over other characters, should that be of interest....Just don't take this, slap a .rel on it and upload it somewhere. I have all the functioning .rel and codes in my download anyway. I have patched every .rel in the pack with the exceptions of the Ike, R.O.B., Jigglypuff, Yoshi and Ness .rels(I accidentally re-did the Diddy.rel before I realized I didn't need to ^_^' )

I've also thrown in a vBrawl Marth PSA that allows the two to fight, but without messing up their GFX in-battle! (Other Marth PSA's will still be affected.)

The link to my topic(and the download) is here;
I'm also intending to do a "Luigi-fied" Roy later down the road after this one is complete.( Unless my current one counts as being Luigified, in which case I guess it'd be a "de-cloned" one? He'll still use some stuff from Marth, though.)

Enjoy, and it's good to be a member of LST! Yay!

PS. If you got this from somewhere else, it may have been stolen.


  1. Wow I think that was the longest post on LST yet! But I suppose it's needed since PSAs need more of an explanation that our other types of hacks. Anyways, welcome to the team!

  2. _Data_Drain_1:17 PM

    Congratulations on making it on the LSTeam.

    As I've said in the past. This Roy is very good. Feels like the Roy we all know and love.


  3. Wolfric1:30 PM

    Congratulations, Mabus!

    Excellent PSA. =D

  4. What a good read =D
    Welcome aboard!

  5. Ms. Thany!

    Congrats on making the team! DSX8 is actually gonna release the Roy model import he made soon, so this'll go great with that model.

  6. @Segtendo - lol indeed... i made sure the rig went well with her animations (old AND new) =p

    welcome to LST Thany!

  7. SilverUchiha3:01 PM

    This is probably a stupid question, but is there any way to make a Brawl- Version of Roy as well since you have vBrawl and Brawl+?

  8. Man I'm liking all the animation edits done to make Roy feel more individual. I know this has been a very long running project and it certainly paid off. It's looking very polished so job very well done! Only animation complaints I have are with the run (it looks very jagged probably because the TransN movement isn't smooth like it should be. It's like he speeds up then slows down) and the Flare Blade charge (even as a member of P:M, that animation looks rather amateur. It's old and could use a revamp).

    My main complaint is actually with how Roy plays. Since it's more akin to his Melee counterpart, it has that dumb "edge of the blade" system, which is what Roy's main problem was in Melee. I think it should be more like Ike's edge system (yes Ike has one). Something more discrete so it doesn't cripple him. Either that or another kind of system to make Roy a unique character.

    Despite this, major props for all the hard work you put into this Thany and congrats on joining LST. You will definitely be CREDIT TO TEAM

    1. _Data_Drain_3:42 PM

      Well, but SDo0m. That's what made Roy distinct. Try for example using down tilt with the tipper. You can lead into a forward smash with it.

      Call the tip... A double edged sword. If you aren't fully aware on how to use it, it can screw you over. However, if used right. It can lead into possibilities that other characters don't have.

      Although I can agree on the Flare Blade, and running being a bit off. But I'm sure she'll fix this. She's... OCD when it comes to Roy. XD

  9. Welcome to da kr3w Thany!

  10. Thanks for the welcome my comrades :3

    Actually, I haven't made the vBrawl version yet, but I could certainly make a Brawl minus oriented Roy when the time comes. I've certainly got some ideas in mind for a B- Roy. Heh heh heh.

    Glad you like the animations. The Run animation was actually intended to be more like a series of tiny sprints. He and Marth sort of dashed like that in Melee, and I liked the "heaving" feeling it had, especially compared to how Marth basically just glides along the ground now.(Unless you mean when the animation loops...That's...a little trickier to fix. But I'll give it the ol' College try.)

    And I agree about the Flare Blade. 14 months ago, it was the greatest looking thing since sliced bread. Now that I'm a better animator, though, I was thinking about making my own. It is kinda...Stiff and has some problems...(But if I make my own, it probably won't have the hitbox accuracy that this one has...But I'm not so concerned about that ^_^)

    As for playstyle, I like the tip/blade thingy. It's another way of showing that Marth and Roy are both very similar, but with some differences...The only problem was that in Melee, Marth was just broken compared to our poor redhead...Also, Roy's moves being overall weaker, slower, less hitstun, him being a fast faller that is lighter than Marth and how Marth's moves were still pretty strong even without the tip...

    I always thought Roy should have better range than Marth to make up for that...Plus, his sword is longer. I have the feeling that Sakurai wasn't so fond of Roy...(But him being the harder character to use is one reason I'm so fond of him :3)

    But yes, many many thanks. Yay! ^_^

  11. Anonymous8:17 PM

    New team member ah?

    I've seen your thread before, and I love your work. Know you did a very accurate vertex edit, but didn't know you made PSA edits and animations.

    That's outstanding, and I know Star was looking for a PSA maker for the team.

    Love your work, will definitely look into it more when I get home.

    Once again, welcome to LST!

  12. Awesome!! For your Luigi-fied version that you're planning, have you thought about mimicking Roy's ranged attack from Sealed Sword for his B move (when he has the Sealed Sword equipped)? I was always disappointed they never had that in Melee.

  13. LordProsper6:37 PM

    For the record, I second a Brawl- Roy. That would be AMAZING. <3

  14. @ItalianStallion: Thanks a bunch :3

    @Couch Tomato: ACtually, that's sort of what I have in mind for the new Side B. Although, I find a pillar of fire would be more difficult to hit someone with, so I had the idea of it being a trail of flame that moves a certain distance, and hits multiple times, like PKFire.
    (Overall, like the B move from the FireWave/Erupting burning Ike PSA. I love that move!)

    @LordProser: Sure, I'll do it.(But I'll need to figure out how to edit charge time speeds for his B move...Heh heh heh)

  15. Wow, I'm really glad you joined LST Thany! I really love that Roy PSA altought I don't play Brawl that much. Looking Forward to Final Release

    1. Anonymous12:31 AM

      Renkaken! It's been too long.