LSTeam Presents: MoneyBox v0.67b

I herd u liek charactes other than the ones already in Wii games. So I finished Kryal's model importer.

I also herd u liek to animate. So I added support for fully editing all animations.

I also herd u liek modding other games. So I added support for SZS & ARC archives and other animation & model versions.

I finally herd u liek to mod Brawl. So I added a moveset editor. 

 I also did some other stuff that I can't recall so yeah, this is the final result:
Brawlbox v0.67b 
(should be mostly bug free) 
Here's the big changes in this version.

New Moveset Editor

Live Action Script Editing:

Hurtbox Editing:

 - Complete support for all file formats found in BRRES. 
All values & flags are known.

I could go on but that would be dumb because you can try it yourself and read the changelist in the download, so go click it for free swag.

Also supports modlos :)


  1. Anonymous9:37 AM

    that is the best!

  2. I keep throwing modl0s at the screen but nothing's happening!

  3. In further versions, I expect you to change the name to: NicoBox.

  4. BJs. BJs Everywhere...