LSTeam Presents: Aspiring Lady of the Blades!

She's finally done and she's certainly legendary: Trueblade Mia from Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn! Mia's got Final Smash eyes, expressions, custom textures, metal, rigged fingers... everything you could expect from an import!

She was rigged, imported, and mapped by the diligent Albafika. Boss Waffle also lent his modeling talents to the effort and provided a few custom faces. What did I do? I textured the lady (and did the culling!).

Curious as to what's in our Mia pack? Inside you'll find Mia and 7 alternate costumes based off of other sword users in the Fire Emblem universe, plus a jacketless version if you despise big, orange coats. Also included are CSPs, CSS icons, battle portraits, and names. We hope you enjoy Mia, and be sure to look forward to future collaborations between Albafika and I! Picture time!
It took forever for me to get this picture just right.
She certainly blends in.
She looks rather pissed off.
See? Final Smash eyes and custom mouths. And rigged fingers.

I have amassed a small army of Mias.
Pick your poison! Time to spin the recolor wheel.


  1. Anonymous10:41 PM

    Bitch is sexy.

    First picture on Bridge of Eldin is absolute win.

    1. Thanks! That picture was hard to get. Had to use my feet to control Ike!

    2. Anonymous11:48 AM

      You're so fucking sexy, Jesse. You just don't know it yet.

  2. Took you long e freaking nuff

    She looks great in the end, you guys went all out.

    1. Couldn't have done it without you, Boss Waffle.

  3. Been needing a good Marth hack. There aren't many quality imports right now (too much Sora...). She taking up my green slot right now!

    Awesome job you guys! She's a keeper!

  4. Not a regular user, but a friend of mine popped a Youtube vid of this to me.

    Marth voice asides, the black variant looks scarily like me. That and a Sairi variant that I'm not sure if you produced or not.

    Anyways, great job.