Back with more awesome stuff! Let's break down what we get here:

Poliwrath is over Donkey Kong and comes in a brawlified version and a normal version. He was textured and modeled by myself, rigged by Flygon, and the spec map was made by Velen.

Goombella is over Jigglypuff. Again, the model and texture were made by yours truly and the rig was made by Nanobuds.Velen was kind enough to make the spec map for this too. Goombella comes in a few different versions: 3D Outline, 2D Outline, 3D No Outline, and 2D No Outline!

Now you might be saying to yourself, wow this is amazing, two awesome hacks in one post! But wait there's more! Act now and Pharaoh Man can be yours for just one easy payment of $0! He was made over Wolf. The texture and Model were once again made by me and the rig was done by Gumdramon.

Just click on the renders at the bottom to download, hope you enjoy!


  1. Man that poliwrath is a bamf

  2. Anonymous8:03 PM

    Goombella is sexy, Poliwrath is cool and all. Good hack over DK.

    Now. That Pharaohman is AMAZING. I absolutely love it, and those pictures do not do justice!

    Now excuse me while I go fight Axel and Zero using him. ;p

  3. Giga Man11:08 PM

    Dude... That Pharoah Man... I can't be any more impressed than I am just looking at him...

  4. Oh my god. Please, for the love of all that is sacred and holy, please make more Robot Masters. I would love you forever. Pretty please?

    1. Lol, I was drooling so much over Pharaoh Man that I forgot to give kudos for making such a badass Pharaoh Man. So yeah, kudos for making such a badass Pharaoh Man.

  5. how you get the Pharaoh man mod to work because it doesn't appear every time i pick wolf