Hidden Oasis v3 has arrived!

Apparently I'm still in the revamping my stages mood?

Looks like a completely different place.

Everything is different now.

Video is all the way at the bottom!


  1. Legacy Wolf2:44 AM

    This stage deserves a sexy medal. Holy shit.

  2. this stage has a PERMANENT spot on my SD card! Now to make some brstm's for this sexy ass stage ;D

    1. I got plenty of Dubstep songs for you sir!

  3. I dreamt about this stage too.

    When I woke up, I had to change my pants. <_<

    1. I had the same dream. Twice.

  4. Anonymous7:22 AM

    dont understand me wrong, i really love this stage!

    but sadly it lags a bit (remove the light effects of the sun on the characters and upload another version?) and it seems like the left part is as long as the right part but without being shown all the way like the right part.

    the hole in the mid is f****** epic! love to meteorsmash there ♥

    1. No sure if I understand? What is it lagging? Could you explain so maybe I could make this a better place? The left part is not the same as the right, you got that right. I hate symmetrical shit. It makes it special.

      That hole/pit in the middle is fucking sex. You got that right home boy. I love it for spike kills!

    2. Anonymous7:24 AM

      The stage lags if you play on it. (You know? The Wii is not that fast and she has to load everything but can't manage it that fast, so it starts lagging a bit.)

      I like the "symmetrical shit", but the important thing about this is that it seems like the death boundraries are the same on both sides. You can get smash far out of sight on the left side and still survive.

      Oh yeah! And, it looks like i am only flaming, but.. I was just wondering about these points.

      Stage is worth a download netherless!!

  5. Doesn't look like your flaming to me at all. I really appreciate the feedback!

    Reason why the left boundary is that far back, is cause otherwise, it would be way too easy to die on the left side of the stage, know what I mean?

    It lags? Are you sure? Did you try with original Brawl characters as well?

    Also "Symmetrical shit" made me laugh lol.

    1. Anonymous7:29 AM

      Great :)

      I know what you mean, but by now it is the opposite. You really can't die on the left side (it's possible, but hard!).

      Yep, I tested it a lot of times. And with original Brawl characters, original costumes and everything original except the stage. And only 2 Players btw. Is my Wii broken? lol

      haha great :)

    2. You started the conversation with great, and ended it with a great.


  6. Love the stage. Wishing it had stage selection files and such to go along with it seeing as I wish to make this a permanent part of my gaming.

  7. Glad you like it man! I could send you my SSS files for Hidden Oasis if you want..

  8. Seconded on the lagging unfortunately :( only runs at about 60% on a new computer