Thany's de-cloned Roy. V1.

I guess this took a lot longer than what the word "soon" might imply, but don't forget - for me, time flows a lot slower. Five months for an average Earthling is about half a week to me.

This moveset used my previous Roy, the "Melee-y Roy" as a base, so it still has all the changes made to it, aesthetic or otherwise, unless noted under the Changelist, like his own cliff attack animations, his own walk animations, etc.

  •  General changes - All fire elemental hitboxes will use the fiery coloured sword trail, now.
  •  EscapeN/Sidestep dodge - New animation. Based on Roy's dodge animation from FE6. 
  • Jab - Aesthetically tweaked, it uses the older animation with the more horizontal swing. Still the same move, functionally.
  • Dash attack - A lunging stab, based on his father, Eliwood's attack animation as a Lord from FE7.
  • F-Tilt - Same, but now 40 frames, matching Melee's. I intend to change this animation later.
  • U-Tilt - An overhead swing that starts behind Roy. Still functions the same as Melee-y Roy's.
  • D-Tilt - Same, but now 57 frames, matching Melee's. This one will not be changed.
  • F-Smash - Based on his FE6 attack. Matches Melee's hitboxes and frame count, the sweetspots are also now Fire elemental. The tip is non-elemental.
  • U-Smash - A two stage attack. The second hit is fire elemental, and the tip is still a spike, like the old U-Smash.
  • D-Smash - A single sweeping fire slash attack that starts behind Roy and ends quicker than his old D-Smash.
  • F-Air - A two handed downwards swing, similar to his old one, but the tip no longer knocks the foe behind him.
  • B-Air - An upwards slash, similar to Marth's counter slash. No longer has a fire spike on the tip, but instead functions like Roy's jab - knocking the foe away from him by a static distance.
  • U-Air - A vertical spin attack. Looking similar to one of Zero's slashes, this move's trajectory changes depending on which way the sword is out when Roy hits a foe. Can spike.
  • N-Air - A single rotating slash attack. Somewhat stronger than the Melee-y Roy's N-Air.
  • D-Air - An attack that resembles a hybrid of Ike's Eruption and ToonLink's D-Air. The initial hitboxes have fire, but as the move goes on, it loses its fire properties and becomes weaker.
  • Neutral B -(Flare Blade) - Has fire during its charge up, and no longer uses Marth's shield breaker glows during the actual swing.
  • Up B -(Neo Blazer) - a rotating upward jumping slash that resembles a fiery tornado.
  • Side B -(Double Edge Dance)- Frames and timings now match Melee's, meaning the animations have less ending lag.  I've also added a new attack, a "2nd Down hit". It shoots out multi hitting flames ahead of Roy, but does NOT go into another DED hit.
  • Final Smash -(Rex Ignis Spatha)- The knockback was significantly buffed on both hits.
  • LightThrowDrop - Now drops held item at frame 13 instead of 16.
  • LightThrowF - Now throws held item at frame 10 instead of 15.
  • LightThrowB - Now throws held item at frame 14 instead of 15.
  • LightThrowDash - Now throws held item at frame 6 instead of 10.
  • Swing4Bat - Made a new, better Bat Swing animation for Roy. It's actually a swing again.
  • Model touchups - A resized, and better rigged cape. Reshaped and resized his armour and added shine textures, added shine textures to his sword gem and blade, fixed his eye sockets on all 5 faces, and edited the texture, size and shape of his Belt buckle so it is less messy looking in-game. 

A friend of mine, DataDrain, has made a video showing the V1 of my de-cloned Roy in action.

Download it here.


  1. Oh, this is awesome! Thank you so much!

  2. Anonymous10:02 PM

    I have got to say this. Thanny, you are my hero right now. :D

    -dkt1031 (gotta put my username from DA here due to the anonymous profile)

    1. Anonymous3:44 PM

      And I apparantly can't spell. *facepalm*


  3. Anonymous9:06 AM

    This is nice and it works with project m too (thats the only game i know how to hack) the downside is Roy in project m sound slike marth and that really annoys me