LSTeam Presents: A Sleeker Zero Suit 

With the help of Nanobuds and Albafika, I put together this Zero Suit that takes from the best features of her Brawl suit and Other: M suit. Comes with plenty of recolors and CSPs based on the pose in the above image. It's also shiny.

Here's the suit in-game!

And here are some recolors!

...and even more recolors!


  1. Oh. OH YES!

    Give it to me baby!

  2. This is so AWESOME!

    I didn't like it the separate boobs of Brawl's ZSS and the little head of OM's ZSS, but this is the perfect combination of the good points from both looks. Congratulations!

  3. Anonymous1:19 PM

    I really believed this was the perfect zss and was 100% ready to replace the existing zss with your version but I found that the two lines going down the chest have some white pixeling/artifacting going on that effects every costume except white zss and justin bailey. If not for it it'd be just perfect. If you're not intending on fixing it I'll probably attempt on my own but if SJS couldn't do it I dunno if I'll be able to...

  4. Anonymous9:13 PM

    Sooo.... Any chance for a Phazon-corruption version?